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RAZORCUT Labeller – 540 – 12T

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Labelling machine – capacity up to 18 000 b/h, intended for application of plastic roll-fed labels on PET, glass and can containers of cylindrical and square forms. The machine cut and apply labels by RazorCut Carmichael patented  system.

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1.    Label applying system on cylindrical containers within the following specification:

·         Capacity model 9T –from 2500 to 18 000 bott/h (for 1L bottle) ;

·         Carousel — 12 plates

·         Range of container diameter — 50-165mm

·         Plastic label (polypropylene) – PET – 35-50 micron

– length 70-520mm

– height 50-150mm

– reel diameter max 600mm

·         Label transported on the vacuum drum

·         Input from the right or left

·         Air consumption 160l/min ( 6 bar)

·         Hot glue consumption 1kg for every 20 000-25 000 labels (depends on labels height)

2.    Automatic speed regulation:

·         Basic speed specified in the control panel

·         Second speed adjusted individually by the user

Manual regulation of machine’s height, depending on the size of container (automatic regulation on request)

3.    Application of glue on to bottle and label with the use of Glue Roller System

4.    Mechanical transmission of power from the main rotary carousel through the toothed wheels onto drums, label transport drive-servomotor

5.    Machine specification: Frame made of stainless steel

6.    Machine including one set of change parts is intended for one type of container.

7.    Bottle input from left or right (to be agreed).

8.    Machine size:

·         length — 2000 mm

·         width- 1800 mm

·         height — 2000 mm

9.     Machine weight — 2 tons

10.  Bottle change parts

·         infeed screew,

·         central guide,

·         input-output starwheel ,

·         centering plates,

·         toothed wheels-driving of pulleys or exchangeable cam-segment

11. Label change parts:

·         vacuum drum transporting the label

12. Additional data :

·         Automatic control by means of control touch panel

·         Visual panel enabling the change of basic machine — settings

·         Control system all parts Mitsubishi

·         Sensors — Sick

·         Drives:

– motors

– servomotor Mitsubishi

·         Pneumatics power 6 atmospheres. Capacity ca.. 150L/h

– filters, lubricators, electric valves –Metal Work company

·         Control software prepared by Carmichael Engineering Group Ltd Sp. z o.o.

·         High performance vacuum pump

·         Integrated safety guard


Most of our machines have individual construction, specifications and respectively individual price.

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Square Bottle example


 Size – 0.25 L – 5 L

Round bottle example


The label consists of the following units:

A. Cutting drum

B. Reel stand

C. Labeling Station

D. Turret

E. Gluing system (spray or glue roller)

F. Vacuum gauges

G. Control panel

H. Conveyor

I. Container guiding elements

Razocut 540 12T - units review - front
Razocut 540 12T - units review


The labelling machine applies labels on full or empty and bottles and jars. The process of label application is automatic and requires only the control and supervising  of mechanisms operation  and re-supplying of glue and labels. The containers entering the conveyor are separated by the star-wheel and put between plate and upper punch causing the container to rotate around its own axis.

This system enables flexible operation of the machine and reaching the required capacity as well as adequate label input.

As a result of rotation the container receives the label from the vacuum drum where previously the glue is applied on the outer edges of the label. Then on the smoothing belt the label is winded and stick on. The glue is applied from the hot melt glue applicator.

The hot melt gluing system is equipped with automatic temperature control and glue quantity application control. The system applies glue on the label by glue roller. The glue used on the labels is durable and not harmful for the operator of the machine. However, the operator must be careful due to high temperature of the glue during labelling process.