HISTORY of Razorcut

The Razorcut labeller started in 2000 at Carmichael (Scotland) Ltd, located in Edinburgh, Scotland, a company which has been involved in roll-fed labelling since 1986. The Razorcut’s design significantly reduces operating and maintenance costs, and at the same time retains the fundamentals of quality engineering.


The patented Razorcut does not utilize the normal rotary/stationary cutter unit, because the cutting of the label web takes place on the vacuum drum by pneumatically operated blades incorporated inside the drum assembly thus greatly reducing the number of parts on the machine.

Scheme view for Roll Rotary labeller
Razorcut cutting drum


  • container size from

    •  540 mm diameter turret from 50 to 150 mm

    • 720 mm diameter turret from 40 to 225 mm

  • speeds ranges between 2,000-36,000 cph

  • handles empty or filled square, cylindrical and rectangular containers


This revolutionary technology has proved itself successfully working for many years in Nestle, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Clorox and other factories around the world and still remains the leading solution for roll-fed labeling.